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NAS Melbourne Historical Marker

In Memoriam

Abbs,Everett S., Ensign 7-22-44
Ames, Sidney C., Ensign 10-27-43
Brimecomb, Donald W., Ensign 12-20-44
Butler, Harry W., Ensign 3-10-43
Callender, Glen O., Ensign 9-5-44
Campbell, Robert J., Ensign 4-15-44
Campbell, Paul R., Lt. 6-29-45
Carrick, William J., Ensign 12-20-44
Caudill, Harry B., Ensign 6-2-43
Cerra, Dominick Jr., Ensign 2-9-44
Cobern Jr., Walter E., Ensign 9-14-44
Coffman, Carroll F., Ensign 10-30-44
Cole, James C., Ensign 11-2-44 (MIA)
Coleman, William C., Lt. 1-24-45 (MIA)
Cox, Marble E., Ensign 2-9-44
Cox, Wesley R., Ensign 11-14-44
Cullen, Stephen F., Ensign 11-21-44
Duncan, Sherman L., Ensign 4-26-45
Dunkelberger, T. W., Ensign 2-19-44 (MIA)
Durham, Elmer J. Ensign 5-29-43
Edwards, Leo J. Ensign 7-22-44
Fisher, Donald R., Ensign 12-22-43
Fugate, Marion L., Ensign 4-14-44
Fuller, Robert C., Ensign 5-14-44
Gallagher, Robert M., Ensign 4-21-44
Gerding, William A., Lt. 1-23-45
Halpin, Leroy C., Ensign 6-8-45
Isacc, Artie L., Ensign 4-24-44 (MIA)
Jeidy, Leo J., Ensign 9-30-44 (MIA)
Kidder, Horace D., Ensign 12-2-43
Kleinman, John M., Lt. 2-18-44
Leeper, Harold R., Lt. 6-28-43
Lippard, George R., Ensign 7-22-44
Lockdam, Richard E., Ensign 3-2-44
Manz, Rudolph, Ensign 10-30-43
Mc Bride, Maurice A., Ensign 7-22-44
Mc Call, Clark C., Ensign 5-23-45 (MIA)
Mc Coy, Harry H., Ensign 12-29-43
McMillian, Sherman D., Ensign 8-24-44 (MIA)
Meynes, Robert E., 2ndLt. USMC 7-19-43 (MIA)
Michner, Homer, Ensign 1-29-44 (MIA)
Morse, William A., Ensign 11-18-43
O'Conner, James H., Lt. 9-21-44
Oldham, Charles E., 2ndLt. USMC 5-19-43 (MIA)
Patterson, George W., Lt. 3-17-44
Perrella, Philip, Ensign 2-9-44
Pokraka, John D., Ensign 4-17-44
Reeves, John, Lt. 10-30-43
Reitz, Robert A., Ensign 1-27-45
Ryan, James J., Ensign 4-30-45
Scheuch, Alvin E., Ensign 4-17-44
Shaffer, William C., Ensign 7-13-45
Shevlin, Robert J., Ensign 2-16-44
Sims, David L., Lt. 9-21-45
Stern, John L., Ensign 1-22-44
Strangman, Clive A., Lt. 4-26-45
Stulce, William E., Lt. 9-18-45
Tressman, Dennis V., Ensign 6-23-43
Turner, James W., Ensign 6-20-43
Van Horne, Frank H., 2ndLt. USMC 8-24-43
Williams, Emmett C., Ensign 9-12-43 (MIA)
Williams, Gayle V., Lt. 6-29-45
Wolfe, Edgar J., Ensign 7-1-44 (MIA)

Deceased Enlisted Men

Bryce, Lenzy, CM2C (Died trying to save life of
Pilot who crashed in water)
Demott, K.C. S2C (Killed by plane that spun in)

Note: Some of the pilots were listed as MIA's. They probably went
down over the ocean and never were recovered.

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