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Melbourne Railroad Station

The rairoad station was small and typical of
those stations in Florida. The NAS Melbourne
base was a short 1.5 mile ride by bus.

Melbourne Beach Casino (petty officer club)

The Casino Club was located on the beach in Melbourne Beach Florida. It was on the south side of Ocean Avenue. During the war it was serving as the petty officers club.
It had two artesian, sulfur water pools. The pool in use was rotated every four days.
When not in use, the pool was drained, cleaned and filled again with water.
On one dark night a sailor either fell or jumped into the empty pool. He was taken away in an ambulance, and later moved to a hospital in Texas for further medical attention.

Bahama Beach Club, Pool Cabana

The Bahama was located just north of 5th avenue (causeway road)
in Indialantic. The club offered a large artesian well water pool (locals use the term sulphur water).The pool cabana and pool are sown on the left. The main structure is shown below. It proved to be a very popular gathering place
with all military personnel. Officers, enlisted men and (later on) Waves
spent many hours of liberty on the great beaches of Brevard. There was
a thrill in riding the bus across the old wooden bridge to the beaches.

Bahama Beach Club, main structure
Castaways Club
The Castaways Club was located between US1 and the Indian River just south of Melbourne on a knoll before going down into old Palm Bay. It was an area as today, with lush tropical plants and palms. An open spot on the penisula behind the club was a popular spot for special parties and celebrations.
Main Street, Melbourne, looking west
Moonlight Tavern, Hwy US 192

The Moonlight Tavern on US192 was a
favorite liquid recreation spot for the sailors.
It was located west of Melbourne. The
club was aptly nicknamed the "bucket of blood"
since fights erupted frequently.


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