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Causeway Bridge

The bridge built by Ernest Kouwen-Hoven was started in 1919 and completed in 1921.
It was 9,706 feet long and 16 feet wide.In July 1921, Melbourne paved the section of
New Haven avenue from the railroad east to the bridge. This was Melbourne's first paved street.

Coast Guard Beach Tower

The Army set up coastal towers on the beach in Melbourne and volunteers were called on to take turns at watching for aircraft and ships at sea. Each volunteer was given a six-hour shift, one day a week. Classes in aircraft indentification were conducted for all volunteers.

Melbourne Hotel

The hotel structure modified still stands today at the corner of USI and US192. The hotel was used by married military couples during WW II when base quarters were not available.

Radar Tower, Canova Beach

Pilots during Ditching Training
Notice how young the pilots in training are. The Wells pool was located just NE of the Fee Avenue tennis courts.

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