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Reunion, 20 October 2001

The Recreation Building as it is today

Sam Gentile and members of the HELLCATS BAND !

Menbers left to right, front to back:
Ray Auerback, Emile(Joe) Decosmo, Sam Gentile,
Jimmy Fogle, Rudy Matista, Don Moore(drums),
Al Bilger (piano) barely visible.

Reunion Band, with three members from old Hellcat Band
Front LtoR,Laura & Emile Decosmo,Auerbach,Tony Rossi,Gentile,and Malcom Smith.
Piano,Mike D'Napoli;Guitar,Duane Carney;Drums,Ernie Thompson;Hidden on right Carolyn Auerbach.

Sammy Gentile, Hellcat Band Leader

Carolyn, Ray Auerbach

Emile, Laura Decosmo

Three Hellcat Band Members
Sam Gentile,Emile Decosmo,Ray Auerbach

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